PAPAL PLOT TO STEAL DOCUMENTS! Muslims Break In Castel Gandolfo On Christmas Day! Hold Mother Superior Hostage Steal Money & Take Papal Documents!

What documents did the Muslims steal for Pope Francis?
Italian police are hunting for a gang of bandits who broke into a convent in Castel Gandolfo, the Pope's summer retreat, on Christmas Day and took the mother superior hostage. Three men forced a window at the Pius XII Insitute in the Alban hills south of Rome just after midnight on Christmas Eve and began ransacking the mother superior’s office on the first floor. The noise woke the nuns sleeping or praying in their bedrooms on the second floor, the police said. When the mother superior appeared in her office to investigate, the men grabbed her and walked her to her bedroom where she was forced to hand over 5,000 euros (£4,000) from the convent's cash box.Telegraph

As in:
search through (a place or receptacle) to find something, especially in such a way as to cause disorder and damage. 
Looking for what?

On the behest of whom?

Who gave directions to the illiterate Muslim bandits in finding the window for the Mother Superior's office at Castel Gandolfo?

Want some easy money? Get thee to a Nunnery!

Thieves are not going hit a Nunnery for some quick cash.
The men then grabbed her mobile phone and locked her in her bedroom before escaping through holes cut in the fence at the back of the convent's grounds. Outside, an accomplice was waiting with a getaway car.
OK so it was a well laid out plan to steal something in the Convent.

What was the item?

Probably original hand written documents of the Ghost writer for Pope Francis - maybe even the infamous Christmas Greeting Beating to the Roman Curia. This original document would lead to the true author of the Christmas Beating piece. Most likely someone so embarrassing for the agenda of Pope Francis - Like some Dyke Jew Rabbi!

Hey get this:
The men were said to be between 30 and 40 years old and were unmasked. They spoke with southern accents, perhaps from Campania, the regional stronghold of the Camorra mafia
Really? The Mafia?

Hey!  Campania has a Mosque made up of Muslim Immigrants that Pope Francis himself flooded Italy with these last two summers:

It even has is own Islamic Federation of Campania

The Campania  Mosque:
7-11, Corradino Sveroad Road, Naples,
Campania, 80142, ITALY 
Mafia or Muslims?

I'm Betting The Muslims Did The Pope's Bidding.....