June 22, 2013 Remember That Night? Pope Francis & Emanuela Orlandi - Torchlight Procession Commemorating Her 30 Year Disappearance Took Place Same Night As Vatican Beethoven Concert: Is This The Reason Why Francis Ditched The Concert?

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Pope disappears on same night Roman girl disappeared 30 years ago!

Other commitments?

This Pope has a dramatic flair about him - he wants to build up an audience of murmurers so that later he can show 'em all how kind he is and just how wrong are his detractors!

Maybe this is the reason?

A candle light procession took place on the night of June 22nd to commemorate the mysterious disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi. She is the daughter of an Vatican employee - She disappeared in 1983, Yesterday marked the 30th year of her disappearance.

Crazy theories about her abduction:

1.Was done by extremist Muslim terrorists to demand the release of Mehmet Ali Agca from prison after he shot pope John Paul II

2. Mafia gangster Enrico De Pedis did it for revenge of some sort against the Vatican! Even dug up his body last year - finding nothing!

3. The aged exorcist showman Gabriele Amorth claimed that she was kidnapped by a member of the Vatican police for sex parties

4. My theory is that the founder of Legionaries of Christ Fr. Marcial Maciel Degollado kidnapped Emanuela Orlandi for his own Vatican Sex Parties - see here.

Mine is not so crazy considering how evil MM was, and it does name names unlike Amorth who refuses to out his fellow churchmen.

So as I see it there were two events in Rome on the same night  - June 22nd one marking the 30th anniversary of the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi a torchlight procession starting Apollinare Square and ending in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

Her brother Pietro Orlandi said the following:
"We are asking Pope Francis to join us in our moment of prayer in St. Peter’s Square and to hand the tape recordings of the negotiations that went on between the Holy See and the kidnappers, over to the courts,” Pietro Orlandi

 Francis & Pietro Orlandi

The other event scheduled for the same night took place in the Vatican - a concert directed by Slovakia director Juraj Valcuha Mehta with Rai state television Orchestra, in the Paul VI hall at the Vatican it was one of Beethoven  works - (maybe it was the Emperor symphony and the pope does not want to be reminded of his long absent brother?)

Here is he excuse one of his henchmen gave:
Pope could not make the concert due to "commitments that could not be postponed."
Here is what Francis actually said:
 "I am not a Renaissance Prince who listens to music instead of working."
Working? Better choice of words should have been "praying" but that would have been to Pharisaical....yeah...

So maybe the Pope met the family of the missing girl in private and this is the reason for his disappearance?

Either way somethings a foot!

Pay Attention!!

Originally Posted 23 June 2013