Pope Francis Bashes Tradition & Traditionalists Once Again! "Why Do You Seek The Living One Among The Dead?" This Question Helps Us Resist The Temptation To Look Back, To What Was Yesterday, And Pushes Us Forward Into The Future."

Zombie Traditionalists
Attending Latin Mass

"Why do you seek the living one among the dead?" (Lk 24,5 ) . This question helps us resist the temptation to look back, to what was yesterday, and pushes us forward into the future. Jesus is not in the tomb, he is the Risen Lord, the Living, the One who always renews his body which is the Church and helps her walk, pulling her towards him. "Yesterday " is the tomb of Jesus and the Church, the tomb of truth and justice. "Today " is the perennial resurrection to which the Holy Spirit impels us, gifting us full freedom. Pope Francis Wednesday General Audience