Why Is Pope Francis Asking A Perfidious Jew To Pray For Him? Shouldn't The Head Of The Roman Catholic Church Be The Praying For The Conversion Of The Perfidious Jew!

Oremus et pro Iudaeis: ut Deus et Dominus noster auferat velamen de cordibus eorum; ut et ipsi agnoscant Iesum Christum Dominum nostrum. … 

Let us also pray for the Jews: that our Lord and God take away the veil from their hearts; that they too may acknowledge Jesus Christ to be our Lord.

- The Great Intersessions for Good Friday
Pope Francis' Email To perfidious Jew Menachem Rosensaft:
“When you, with humility, are telling us where God was in that moment, I felt within me that you had transcended all possible explanations and that, after a long pilgrimage — sometimes sad, tedious or dull – you came to discover a certain logic and it is from there that you were speaking to us; the logic of First Kings 19:12, the logic of that “gentle breeze” (I know that it is a very poor translation of the rich Hebrew expression) that constitutes the only possible hermeneutic interpretation.

“Thank you from my heartAnd, please, do not forget to pray for me.  May the Lord bless you.” Francis / Bishop of Rome.

Menachem Rosensaft is an American professor specializing in the law of genocide and war crimes trials at Columbia and Cornell.......hmmmmm.....six million murdered Jews....... 250 million souls aborted murdered in the womb.....all aborted murdered in the womb by perfidious Jew abortionists.....see what happens when the Popes stop the prayers for the conversion of the perfidious Jews?

Will any of these perfidious Jew abortionists ever stand trail? Will any of these perfidious Jews abortionists get the death sentence?



  1. Are you aware that Catholic are more supportive of abortion than Jews?


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