515 Spanish Martyrs Killed By Jews To Be Canonized Sunday! Jews Demand Pope Cancel Mass Out Of Love For Dialogue!

Jews Put On Display Body Of Nun Dug Up For Jew Amusement

Jews or Muslims? Which is worse? Well considering the Quran of Islam was made up by a bunch of Jew Rabbis back in the day and Muhammad was more influenced more by Jews than the Catholic Church - I'd say the Jews are far worse.

It seems the Jews have taken a back seat to Muslims in the killing of Roman Catholics - but considering all the potential Roman Catholics (millions) that have been aborted by Jew doctors -  (btw 99% of abortionists are Jews) the body count of dead Roman Catholics or potential Roman Catholics is on the Jew side. Maybe this is why Jew friendly Pope Francis doesn't like to harp on abortion so much - it cuts into the profit margin of Jew doctors.

Hey! Lets play six degrees of Kevin Bacon! only make it six degrees of Jew abortionists!

Do you know a Jew?

Then you are only 2 degrees away from knowing a Jew who performs abortions!

Nothing new under the sun - Jews have always been murderers from the beginning and will continue to murder - its in their Jew blood.

Jews hate the Roman Catholic Faith - take a look here:

Should read: Jews open fire on statue of Jesus.

Now that the Jew bastards want Pope Francis to cancel the Sunday canonization of 515 martyrs all killed by Jews. Most of the martyrs are religious, priests and nuns.

Maybe the pope will cave in this time?

Pope Francis didn't appease the Jews this time and went ahead with the canonization:

Dear brothers and sisters, greetings.

I would like to express my heartfelt participation in the celebration which is taking place in Tarragona, in the course of which a large number of Pastors, consecrated people and lay members of the faith are being proclaimed Blessed Martyrs.

Who are the martyrs? They are Christians who have been “earned” by Christ, disciples who have learnt well the sense of that “love to the extreme limit” which led Jesus to the Cross. There is no such thing as love in installments, no such thing as portions of love. Total love: and when we love, we love till the end. On the Cross, Jesus felt the weight of death, the weight of sin, but he gave himself over to the Father entirely, and he forgave. He barely spoke, but he gave the gift of life. Christ “beats” us in love; the martyrs imitated him in love until the very end.

The Sainted Fathers say: “Let’s imitate the martyrs!” We must always die a little in order to come out of ourselves, of our selfishness, of our well-being, of our laziness, of our sadnesses, and open up to God, to others, especially those who need it most.

We implore the intercession of the martyrs, that we may be concrete Christians, Christians in deeds and not just in words, that we may not be mediocre Christians, Christians painted in a superficial coating of Christianity without substance – they weren’t painted, they were Christians until the end. We ask them for help in keeping our faith firm, that even throughout our difficulties we may nourish hope and foster brotherhood and solidarity.

And I ask you to pray for me. May Jesus bless you and the Sainted Virgin protect you.

One thing for you to remember - all the Martyrs - every last one of them attended the Latin Mass - not a one died  for the new mass - not one - remember that.


  1. You're a complete and utter idiot. If you're truly a Christian, then you put your faith to shame.

  2. Jews never had the power to be cruel so they were saved from this cancer ,

    1. This is totally and provably crap, of the kosher variety! By controlling the money supplIES the Tribe of DAN(19) has the power of the "locker room envelopes". They have bribing power over the entire worlds police,[therefore gangs], military and various/most major private sector corporations.

      How did Jewish supremacist "communism" override ~100MILLION white Christians and even more white Asian gentiles?

      Jews, while interbred with whites to blend in, are the anti-white / anti-christ and Muslims are closer to 'Jews' who are actually the Canaanites!

  3. Jews never had the power to be cruel so they were saved from this cancer ,


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